Parker & Associates was founded in 1997 by Cliff Parker, CPA. Cliff started the firm after a seventeen year career as a tax consultant with Price Waterhouse, KPMG, and RadioShack Corporation.

Parker & Associates has established an excellent reputation within the accounting, finance, and taxation arena because we bring professionalism to the recruiting process. Our clients prefer us because we understand the technical requirements of the positions we are hired to fill. We do not waste our clients’ time by submitting candidates who are not qualified. We spend the necessary time and effort to identity candidates that meet all the job requirements, not just some. Our clients appreciate the fact that we use a rifle approach to hiring, not a shotgun approach, like many of our competitors.

Our candidates like working with us because we understand their qualifications, and what they are seeking in a new job opportunity. We meet with all our candidates in person before presenting them to a client. We make a point not to oversell an opportunity. We tell our candidates the good and the not so good about any opportunity. We believe that candidates should know as much about the company or firm with whom they are interviewing as the firm or company wants to know about them. We also do not apply pressure to our candidates at any point in the interview process. The major complaint most candidates have with recruiters is that they are pushy, particularly when an offer is on the table.

We look forward to building a professional relationship with you, whether you are a company or accounting firm looking to hire the best talent, or a candidate looking for a fantastic new job opportunity.